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Today this edition of Hello Alanya Magazine is available at various places all around Alanya. Articles being published in the printed version, are also readable here, on our website. You can easily search throughout the site for interesting subjects, or you can just download the complete magazine in PDF format.  

When you are looking around on this site, don't hesitate to rate the articles and leave your comments behind. By knowing your opinion, we will always try to improve Hello Alanya Magazine.  

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Журнал Hello Alanya на русском языке!

Этот выпуск журнала Hello Alanya доступен сегодня в различных точках распространения по всей Аланье. Статьи, опубликованные в печатной версии журнала, также представлены для чтения на нашем сайте. Вы легко можете найти здесь любую интересующую вас информацию или просто скачать журнал целиком в формате PDF.  

Не забудьте отметить понравившиеся вам материалы и написать свои комментарии. С вашей помощью мы сделаем журнал Hello Alanya еще лучше!  

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Latest News

  • My Favourite Alanya, Woolly Mammoth: October 2014
    My Favourite Alanya, Woolly Mammoth: October 2014

    In this item of the magazine we join known and unknown residents of Alanya in their favourite places in and around the city. This month we meet up with Woolly Mammoth, a stuffed cuddly toy animal who thinks he is a person of flesh and blood.

What's Up Today?

Butterflies of Turkey: OCTOBER 2014
“AdaMerOs - The Butterflies Monitoring & Photography Society of Turkey”Turkey is the world leader when it comes ... See More
“Sulphur and a smaller version of Pamukkale” After experiencing the awe of Pamukkale last month we have shared our ... See More
Jo Roberts, My Life in Turkey: OCTOBER 2014
British couple Ian and Jo Roberts met each other four years ago. Jo’s father died around that time, at a very young ag... See More
Fashion for our small four legged friends: OCTOBER 2014
Like three fully proficient top models, Cıtır, Badem and Pıtır pose for the camera. They own a wardrobe that most pe... See More
Giving something back, Jan Erik Granholdt: OCTOBER 2014
“4200 km a small price to pay for a new sense of life” Jan Erik Granholdt sat across from us in Aphrodite’s Resta... See More
Özalp Şarküteri ,Turşu, şalgam and more: OCTOBER 2014
In late summer, as fall and winter are approaching, it is time to make Turşuin Turkey. Turşu is the name given to sour... See More
At the Table, Kocatepe Kahve Evi: OCTOBER 2014
“Quality foods in a relaxing atmosphere” After a short walk along the Hükümet road, (which runs parallel to Atatu... See More
Master Chef Timur Turna, Dolma: October 2014
Kuru patlıcan dolması Dolma of dried eggplant  Ingredients Dried eggplant (kuru patlıcan) 250 grams minced beef ... See More


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